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Medlite® Laser

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Medlite® Laser



Melasma occurs when hormones stimulate pigmentation, causing brown, irregular sized patches around the face. If this patching occurs during pregnancy, it is referred to as a “pregnancy mask.” Women can also develop melasma from using birth control because it is caused by hormone fluctuations. A woman with a family history of melasma is also more inclined to develop the discoloration. Prescription medications may sometimes help, but lasers are proving to be a better alternative to treating melasma.

At Light Touch we use the Q-switch laser. This laser is the best treatment choice for pigmentation problems. The Q-switch laser has a very short pulse duration that allows it to shatter dark pigment particles more effectively than even the IPL.

It is important that individuals treating melasma with either prescription medications or lasers limit time in the sun and always use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. Treatment will not work if sunscreen is not worn diligently.

The Medlite laser treatment for melasma and other pigmentation problems is performed with very low energy settings using wavelengths that cause deep heating in the dermal layers. The treatment will also help improve collagen production for skin that is softer and smoother. Treatments can be done one week apart, from eight to ten treatments. Treatments are quick, effective, and safe. There is no downtime.

During a free consultation, ask to see before and after pictures of our results with the Medlite laser treatment.



Lasers that were once used for tattoo removal often had mediocre results, leaving behind ugly scars in place of the tattoo.

This has not been the case since the arrival of Q-switch lasers. The Medlite® Q-switch Laser we use at Light Touch has made it possible to significantly lighten or altogether remove most tattoo inks with very little scarring.

The Q-swith laser removes tattoo ink by emitting precise wavelengths of light that pass through your skin and are quickly absorbed by the ink. The rapid absorption causes the ink to break into tiny particles which are then removed by your body’s natural filtering system.

On average, professional tattoos require 8 to 10 treatments to remove. Amateur or homemade tattoos usually require at least 4 treatments. The number of treatments depends on the color and the depth of ink in your skin. The removal of dark blue, black, and red inks shows the best results. Some other colors can fade as well, though green and yellow are more difficult and will often require additional treatments for to achieve significant fading.

Light Touch is proud to use the most up-to-date, effective, and safest technology. Please call today to schedule a free consultation.

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