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Treating Excessive Sweating

Treating Excessive Sweating


Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can sometimes be a warning sign of other medical issues, but is most often a harmless—albeit unwelcome—condition. If your sweating has become bothersome or embarrassing, you don’t have to put up with it any longer.

Simple changes in habits and diet can provide some relief. For instance, applying antiperspirant at night as well as in the morning can help reduce sweat production. Some people find that eliminating certain dietary triggers such as caffeine and spicy foods can also be helpful. Fortunately, these sorts of changes are no longer your only options.

Back in 2004, a new treatment for hyperhidrosis gained FDA approval, and you may be surprised to learn what it is. It’s not a prescription antiperspirant or a pill—it’s Botox. Yes, Botox, the same thing used to make you look younger and more rested, can also help resolve your excessive sweating. How? An injection of Botox in the affected areas prevents the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands from triggering the production of sweat. Because the sweat-producing signals aren’t being created, your sweat isn’t suppressed or stored, it is stopped. You will still be able to sweat from other areas (which is crucial for maintaining proper body temperature), but your hyperhidrosis will be managed in the areas of concern. Pretty cool, huh?

Want to find out more about using Botox to treat excess sweating? Call us today and set up a consultation with our staff and find out if this treatment is right for you.

Lip Enhancement Basics


Thanks to the impressive pouts of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian, full lips have become more and more sought-after in recent years. Fortunately, advancements in lip enhancement procedures have come about at the same time, bringing safer, more reliable, and better options to the market.

While lip implants do exist, they are rarely used as the results are inconsistent and many patients don’t like the feel of them once they are in place. Implants also carry greater risks and require surgery, making them an inferior option for most people. Because implants leave so much to be desired, injections quickly took over the market.

In the not-too-distant past, collagen and silicone were the standard choices for lip injections, but they have since fallen out of favor because they have a higher risk of side effects and do not last as long as newer generations of fillers. Fat injections had a moment in the sun, too, but became nearly obsolete as new innovations emerged.

 Today, the vast majority of lip enhancements are done with injectible hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body. In resides in significant amounts in the skin, providing plumpness, firmness, and suppleness—which is what makes it such a great filler for the lips. This type of filler can add shape, structure and volume to your mouth for around six months. Another benefit of this type of injectible is that it requires very little downtime post-procedure and affords the practitioner greater control over placement and volume.

At Light Touch Medical Aesthetics, we have carefully selected the best fillers available for lip enhancements, including Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero. Whether your lips have thinned as you’ve aged or you have always wanted to give them a little boost, we can help you achieve a beautiful new shape. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

Light It Up



On November 7th, we held our annual Light Up the Holidays event here at Light Touch. It is hands-down our favorite day of the year. Our office transforms from clinical to celebratory, with music, food, wine, and lots of energy. It gives us a chance to socialize with our patients and get to know all of you in a less formal setting, and it gives you the chance to not only speak directly with representatives from the great companies we partner with, but to score amazing deals and enter to win some (cue Rod Roddey voice) fabulous prizes.

Maybe you heard about Light Up the Holidays but weren’t sure why we were so excited or what all the hoopla was for, so we thought we’d give you a recap of some of the highlights so you’re sure not to miss it next year. This year, in addition to huge discounts on products and services, we gave away two liquid facelifts (one each from Allergan and Galderma), a year of free Botox, and a year of free Dysport. Yes, really.


Who doesn’t like a gift bag? These included samples from Elta MD, Colorescience, SkinMedica, Glymed, Avene, Obagi, and Clarisonic.

10616046_10205049732307861_755876492911100736_n (1)

There might have been a few libations. Just a few.


Brie and such

And you can be certain we didn’t forget about the food. We had a great spread from Petite Catering that included everything from coconut chicken and roast beef crostini to warm brie in puff pastry and chocolate-covered strawberries.



To really get in the party mood, we traded our jackets and practical shoes for something a little more festive. It’s probably the only time you’ll catch most of us wearing heels to work, so you know it was a special occasion.


  botox contest

 Rae and Sarah L. were pretty pumped about their giveaway–and the winners of a year of free Botox and Dysport were even more so.



_DSC0060 IMG_2680

Seriously, who has this much fun at work?


We’re filing this year’s event under “raging success”, and we hope you’ll be saving the date for next year.

Choosing a Lip Balm That Will Make You Smile


Lip balm When the temperatures begin to drop as fall exits and winter enters, your lips undoubtedly begin to dry out. With just a thin layer of skin covering them, your lips are perhaps the part of your body most sensitive to dryness. Not only are dry lips unappealing, but they can also cause cold sores, cracking, and bleeding, making smiling more chore-like than pleasant.

As you have probably been told before, a common cure for this is a good lip balm. As your lips begin to flake, you might be tempted to buy the first lip balm you see at the checkout stand. However, if you want a lip balm that’s going to lead to healthy lips, you might want to hold off on that impulse buy until you can make a more informed decision about what lip balm will provide the best moisture for your lips. Consider these tips: Read More

Combating Dry Skin in Winter


girl feeling cold in autumn park Dry skin is a very common problem in the cold winter months, especially if you live in a naturally dry climate like in Utah. Dry skin is a result of not only the cold temperatures sucking the moisture out of the air, but also the very dry heat you pipe into your home morning and night.

After applying layer after layer of moisturizers on a daily basis, you’re probably thinking that there must be a better way to fight the dryness. Although mositurizing is important, it’s true that there are more effective ways to avoid dry skin. Read More

Dr Barr on Studio 5


With 65% of men and 80% of women experiencing noticeable hair loss by age 60, there is a lot of interest in hair restoration procedures. However, many people are misinformed about how it’s done, are unsure of what to expect, or still think they’ll end up with that awful hair plug look of yore. In an effort to give people reliable information about this procedure, Dr. Lucy Barr, our board-certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration, sat down with Studio 5’s Brooke Walker for a little chat. Check out the video below or give us a call at 801-532-0204.

How Hormones Affect Facial Skin


Hormones Facial Skin Hormones affect many different areas of the human body. Stress hormones can prevent people from digesting food well or sleeping, while pregnancy hormones can cause women to be hyperemotional and hyper-sensitive to smell. Hormones also affect the largest organ in your body, the skin. The skin is affected at different phases of a person’s life due to the common hormones secreted at those times. Female skin is especially affected by hormones as women typically have more hormone fluctuations than men.

Take a look at how different phases of life can affect facial skin: Read More

Why Laser Hair Removal Is Better Than Any Home Remedy


Laser Hair Removal Many men and women have body hair that they’d like to be rid of forever. This hair might be a bother or an embarrassment or in a conspicuous place.

You may be debating between three techniques of hair removal: tweezing, waxing, and laser treatment. While tweezing and waxing come with some advantages, they also come with an array of disadvantages. Both tweezing and waxing are temporary solutions to a persistent problem, whereas laser treatment offers a permanent remedy. Read More

Does Venus Legacy Work?


DrBarr Knees

The first question we get about Venus Legacy, our new system for skin tightening and fat reduction, is “does it work?” That question is usually followed closely by “does it hurt”? The short answers are yes and no, respectively, but we know you want more information than that.

As you would expect, every company that designs these technologies provides us with before and after pictures showing how well their new toy works, but sometimes those results have been difficult to reproduce in our office.  Needless to say, we were curious if we could do it with the Venus Legacy, so we tried it out on Dr. Barr.

Here is a picture of Dr. Barr’s knees, after just three treatments. The knee on the left side was treated and the knee on the right side was untreated.  These results will continue to improve with the recommended ten treatments. Given these results, we feel confident in stating that the Venus Legacy therapy definitely works.

As for the question of pain, while Venus Legacy treatments to melt fat can get hot, they are not painfully so. This treatment is also completely non-invasive, meaning there are no needles, no incisions, and no blades. In fact, because the procedure is so well-tolerated, there isn’t even a period of post-treatment downtime. You can get the treatment and get on with your day

We are excited to be the first practice in Utah to offer the Venus Legacy, a system that delivers pain-free results you can see. Call us today to book your consultation and discover what the Venus Legacy can do for you.

Acne-Fighting Levulan


Acne_Treatment The Levulan Kerastick Topical Solution has been used by professionals for years to help clear out pores and help those who suffer from even the worst acne achieve positive, long-lasting results.

The Levulan treatment can usually improve acne conditions faster and more completely than any other treatment available, without the use of prescription drugs or harsh chemicals. The procedure begins by cleaning and then prepping your skin for the Levulan treatment. The Levulan (aminolevulinic acid), which is derived from an acid your skin generates naturally, is applied and then allowed to penetrate your skin for a prescribed period of time (usually about an hour or so, depending on the area to be treated and your skin’s ability to tolerate it). After the solution has absorbed into your skin, you will be given protective goggles and then you will be placed under a BLU-U photo-dynamic therapy light for about 20 minutes to activate the treatment.

Your skin may peel and be quite red in the days following a Levulan treatment. It is essential you stay completely out of the sun during that time, as the solution that is in your skin tissues can be reactivated by bright light for two days after the procedure. This downtime will give your skin time to heal properly. When you complete your series of Levulan treatments, your skin will be clearer, smoother, and more even, and your acne will likely be greatly improved.

Another benefit of this treatment is its ability to target and help eliminate precancerous skin cells and lesions (AKs) in the area of concern.  In fact, Levulan was created for that purpose, but it has been found to be highly effective for the treatment of acne as well. To learn more about how this therapy can improve the health of sun-damaged skin, click here.

If you are searching for a better way to treat your acne, Levulan may be the answer. Of those who have tried it, most found the Levulan treatment has truly changed their life for the better. If you have questions about how the Levulan treatment works or are ready to book your free consultation and acne treatment, contact Light Touch Medical Aesthetics today at 801-532-0204.